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  1. Peru beaches suffer oil spill blamed on waves from Tonga volcanic eruption

    2022-01-18 09:09:58 UTC

    Peruvian authorities sealed off three beaches Monday after they were hit by an oil spill blamed on freak waves caused by the volcanic eruption in Tonga.
  2. Images reveal devastation in tsunami-hit Tonga

    2022-01-18 09:09:28 UTC

    A volcano that exploded on the Pacific island nation of Tonga has almost disappeared from view, new images revealed Tuesday, with swathes of the island nation smothered in grey ash and dust or damaged by a tsunami.
  3. Volcanic ash delays aid to Tonga as scale of damage emerges

    2022-01-18 09:00:08 UTC

    Thick ash on an airport runway was delaying aid deliveries to the Pacific island nation of Tonga, where significant damage was being reported days after a huge undersea volcanic eruption and tsunami.
  4. A 'chemical cocktail' of sewage, slurry and plastic is polluting English rivers

    2022-01-17 21:20:41 UTC

    Poor water quality in English rivers is the result of chronic underinvestment and multiple failures in monitoring, governance and enforcement, a report from the UK Parliament's Environmental Audit Committee has claimed.
  5. Shock waves, landslides may have caused 'rare' volcano tsunami: experts

    2022-01-17 18:06:28 UTC

    A rare volcano-triggered tsunami sparked by the eruption of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai in Tonga could have been caused by shock waves or shifting underwater land, experts said Monday.
  6. Ozone pollution costs Asia billions in lost crops: study

    2022-01-17 18:02:33 UTC

    Persistently high levels of ozone pollution in Asia are costing China, Japan and South Korea an estimated $63 billion annually in lost rice, wheat and maize crops, a new study says.
  7. Winter storm whipping northeast US with snow, thunderstorms

    2022-01-17 17:59:26 UTC

    A dangerous winter storm brought significant snowfall, strong thunderstorms and blustery winds to the northeastern U.S. on a holiday Monday.
  8. UK government: 4°C warming by 2100 "can't be ruled out"

    2022-01-17 15:52:10 UTC

    As required by the Climate Change Act 2008, the government has today submitted the Third UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA3) to Parliament.
  9. Study finds national and international frameworks are imperative for implementing nature-based solutions in Asia

    2022-01-17 15:52:01 UTC

    Recognized by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), the term "nature-based solutions" (NbS) refers to those that bring together human well-being, environmental sustainability and biodiversity benefits. NbS are also key elements to post-COVID-19 pandemic recovery strategies. NbS include a variety of elements, starting from ecosystem-based climate change mitigation to ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction measures. While the techniques behind NbS may not be new, incorporating them into national and international governance frameworks for their effective implementation is.
  10. Almost 800 subglacial lakes cataloged for first time in new global inventory

    2022-01-17 15:50:13 UTC

    The world's first inventory of subglacial lakes has been compiled by an international team led by the University of Sheffield, providing researchers with a comprehensive directory of where the lakes are and how they are changing in a warming climate.
  11. Great Lakes ice cover lowest in decades: What it means for the rest of winter

    2022-01-17 15:35:10 UTC

    Several days of frigid temperatures around Michigan didn't put much of a dent into the record-warm Great Lakes.
  12. Waves from the Tonga tsunami are still being felt in Australia, and even a 50cm surge could knock you off your feet

    2022-01-17 13:04:57 UTC

    The eruption of the underwater volcano Hunga Tonga–Hunga Ha'apai created a tsunami felt across the Pacific Ocean. This includes Australia, where small but measurable tsunami waves were still being recorded as late as Monday afternoon. These may even persist into Tuesday morning.
  13. Huge Tonga volcanic eruption caused 'significant damage'

    2022-01-17 11:20:02 UTC

    A massive volcanic eruption in Tonga that triggered tsunami waves around the Pacific caused "significant damage" to the island nation's capital and smothered it in dust, but the full extent was unclear with communications still hampered Monday.
  14. Dimming Sun's rays should be off-limits, say experts

    2022-01-17 09:38:21 UTC

    Planetary-scale engineering schemes designed to cool Earth's surface and lessen the impact of global heating are potentially dangerous and should be blocked by governments, more than 60 policy experts and scientists said on Monday.
  15. Travel woes as winter storm blankets eastern US and Canada

    2022-01-17 09:36:38 UTC

    A major winter storm blanketed a swathe of North America in snow Monday as it sliced up the US east coast into Canada, disrupting travel and cutting power to thousands of homes.