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  1. Four Takeaways From Tuesday’s Elections

    2022-05-25 15:03:31 UTC

    Georgia voters rejected Donald Trump’s 2020 fixation, G.O.P. governors proved their strength, and Georgia Democrats backed a gun-control champion on the day of a horrifying school shooting in Texas.
  2. E.P.A. to Block Pebble Mine Project in Alaska

    2022-05-25 13:28:58 UTC

    The E.P.A. said it would ban the disposal of mining waste in the Bristol Bay watershed, a decision that very likely means the end of the Pebble Mine project.
  3. Why Would John Eastman Want to Overturn an Election for Trump?

    2022-05-25 13:41:34 UTC

    Why he was so eager to foment a constitutional crisis.