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    2022-05-18 19:30:28 UTC

    kids https://t.co/Px3365GdQ9
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    2022-05-18 19:25:02 UTC

    With two kids under two, it feels like I have forgotten the meaning of a "free hour." Even when they're asleep, you… https://t.co/DxG5pLkSpt
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    2022-05-18 19:24:40 UTC

    Children have their own gravity—one that attracts time.
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    2022-05-17 08:45:28 UTC

    it works https://t.co/m5l3hTRRY8 https://t.co/7Hxf5J9NQr
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    2022-05-08 18:22:49 UTC

    Happy Mother's Day, darlin. Welcome to the world, son. https://t.co/mvPIEEx21M
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    2022-05-03 19:34:05 UTC

    Neither a law nor a court can truly justify the revocation of a human right; the most fundamental of our freedoms a… https://t.co/8pRjuYJd0N
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    2022-05-03 06:27:01 UTC

    RT @evacide: I know that I say this all the time, but that’s only because it’s what gets me through the times when everything se… https://t.co/aFOu1NRmwE
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    2022-05-03 06:20:36 UTC

    Someone may have put a lot on the line to warn you of this. It doesn't matter who they are or why they did it: thei… https://t.co/IIAg5FVHkK
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    2022-02-27 21:37:06 UTC

    I'm not suspended from the ceiling above a barrel of acid by a rope that burns a little faster every time I tweet,… https://t.co/1fkh4odD6h
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    2022-02-22 04:08:13 UTC

    "A free press can be good or bad, but without freedom, the press will never be anything but bad." As someone calle… https://t.co/nSB1bRN2ae
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    2022-02-21 19:52:38 UTC

    I don't think I've ever seen anything like that.
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    2022-02-21 18:59:57 UTC

    RT @m_suchkov: ⚡️#Putin begins his address to the nation regarding his decisions on #Donbass
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    2022-02-20 22:43:01 UTC

    RT @lilyslynch: whenever i see people in positions of relative power and influence punching down on anti-war activists i think abou… https://t.co/h5nhyQY3m4
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    2022-02-20 22:00:56 UTC

    @dstanglin On the faint chance you were sincere, I'm not a reporter, but I have no reason to doubt Kevin's reportin… https://t.co/pLUdIeN1T5
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    2022-02-20 21:38:04 UTC

    RT @olsongetty: A police officer stopped me this morning near my hotel in Ottawa and told me that I was in a secure zone and as a j… https://t.co/cPtpv5zkPR
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    2022-02-20 21:04:39 UTC

    RT @mtaibbi: More of this, please, and in more directions. https://t.co/9Dat8KYOSU
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    2022-02-20 20:50:25 UTC

    RT @maxseddon: Odd warning of possible terror attacks in Moscow and St Petersburg by the US embassy in Russia, which cites “media… https://t.co/SMIC2S6urA
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    2022-02-20 19:50:47 UTC

    "You cannot travel into the area unless you have proof of exclusion." https://t.co/lmol4xYRGR
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    2022-02-20 19:40:44 UTC

    @charlesarthur @AhmedJAbdul1 @cancivlib Finally, I just want to raise the possibility that maybe the post-9/11 stan… https://t.co/LyB6vgW6gD
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    2022-02-20 19:37:57 UTC

    @charlesarthur @AhmedJAbdul1 The problem with your reasoning is you're inverting the burden of due process. The gov… https://t.co/kmjKlmcjBo