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    2021-12-08 20:01:56 UTC

    Können Sie es sich vorstellen? Haben sich die Zeiten geändert? https://t.co/N6cYSzx9MG
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    2021-12-08 19:38:56 UTC

    RT @skoldehoff: "Ich kann mir #Asyl für Edward @Snowden vorstellen. Er hat als #Whistleblower Transparenz hergestellt", hat mir die… https://t.co/WY8N7nnt1c
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    2021-12-07 23:03:33 UTC

    Watch this clip to the very end. It will astonish you. https://t.co/Xlwqs9Eoe2
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    2021-12-07 18:47:15 UTC

    RT @torproject: Здравствуйте! Похоже, ваш Интернет-провайдер блокирует Tor. Tor Browser включает инструменты обхода блокировок. О т… https://t.co/OHuYfFitW4
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    2021-12-03 23:26:37 UTC

    @AlecMuffett @GazTheJourno Again, I share your concern and agree that it's reasonable, but I just don't necessarily… https://t.co/wgkq3cmYlU
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    2021-12-03 23:24:00 UTC

    @AlecMuffett @GazTheJourno I actually don't think so, re: SENSS etc. The thing about these FOSS vuln-scanning frame… https://t.co/m7t7nvGRQe
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    2021-12-03 23:06:36 UTC

    @AlecMuffett @GazTheJourno (For some interpretations of "the problem." Some restrictions apply. Void where prohibited.)
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    2021-12-03 23:05:36 UTC

    @AlecMuffett @GazTheJourno It's exactly because of the Wassenaar failure that I don't recommend regulation based on… https://t.co/LR5JnFXVTA
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    2021-12-03 22:59:13 UTC

    @rpotter_9 With respect, you quite literally know better than this. You know what an export license is. You know wh… https://t.co/zzs4YqnH8O
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    2021-12-03 22:53:18 UTC

    @AlecMuffett @GazTheJourno It doesn't really matter, since what the governments are actually doing here is just div… https://t.co/TXScP0zHpV
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    2021-12-03 22:51:00 UTC

    @AlecMuffett @GazTheJourno It's a prohibition on the *commercial trade.* I share your fears, but I think this is si… https://t.co/GqM95HDxoG
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    2021-12-03 22:41:40 UTC

    @GazTheJourno The distinction here is of course company v. country. I trust that you don't need examples of the dou… https://t.co/Q4qPbtqBe2
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    2021-12-03 22:36:59 UTC

    I wrote about this just a few months ago: https://t.co/9ahiR1MOz4
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    2021-12-03 22:36:10 UTC

    If a Russian company was behind this, Russia would be facing double-sanctions by lunchtime. No, triple-sanctions! O… https://t.co/D29YT6RtaY
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    2021-11-28 18:02:08 UTC

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    2021-11-28 18:00:27 UTC

    "What you have is a government inside a government, an undemocratic apparatus making all of the decisions beneath a… https://t.co/SAxjdZjLGK
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    2021-11-28 17:47:23 UTC

    RT @ggreenwald: These (👇) were my core views in 2010 (which is what caused Snowden to choose me). They were my core views in 2015 (… https://t.co/7WkpPZtTQx
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    2021-11-26 21:24:40 UTC

    @citizenreader Very difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff on this, even in media, which is why I ask for prima… https://t.co/m0ttLAHaJ2
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    2021-11-26 21:12:54 UTC

    RT @KaiSchulze_: @Snowden 2 weeks to get a good picture from different lab studies, 4 weeks I would say to see whether it has a real… https://t.co/RXoUm80j6U
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    2021-11-26 20:58:54 UTC

    Question for actual-scientist Twitter: how long until we have a reasonable (but tentative) grasp of Omicron's novel… https://t.co/QRFPYudtLV